Well this Year i went to Norway at first i did not know if i wanted to share this on this website and i thought to myself why not.

Everything has not to be about C# and programming so i share my trip to Norway during this summer, it was a really awesome trip my friend learn me a lot it is crazy going from a super comfortable life style going to a trip to watch mountain and the nature basically, Completely something im not used to for example use a toilet…. there was no toilet really and we take so much stuff for granted even a shower was like something we did not have you had to take a bath in the water from the mountains it was interesting not really that hard.

But it was an awesome experience making food was another thing that was abit different but it was fun and i must say during the whole trip i never felt so alive before it was.

We went from place to place to see new things up in Norway i was amazed how beautiful the environment was over there, not exactly what i am used to. This was an lifetime experience i hope to make much more exp like this in the future only thing is the time it does not exists for now.

Went to a creek the water was blue really beautiful you could feel the air how freash everything felt, anyway this creek was soo cold i did not wanna go there for a swim because it was to cold for me, but my friend went for a very was swim

I remember one other thing that was very different they had a lot of sheep’s and cows there was going free so our camp got visitor from the cows and sheep’s it was pretty fun, my friend did not even use a tent he slept under the stars but he got woke up by the interested cows. It was crazy but very amusing experience i really hope to get the time todo it again sometime.

One of the best trips in my entire life that is for sure so much things to see and so much stuff to experience kind of a good way to relax somewhere were the phone or the computer meant absolutely nothing.